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Noble Cats Tiffany of PreciousbritsSD

​Update: Tiffany and Zephyr had their litter of 5 kittens on 11.02.2018! There are two of Black Golden Shaded ny 11 color (expected green eyes), two of Black Golden Marbled color (expected emerald eyes), and one Black Golden Shaded Point with blue eyes (just like daddy). All kittens are doing well, and we will update on their development and gender in a few weeks.  Currently we are accepting deposits towards reservation/purchase. Kittens will be available to join a loving home in the middle of January 2019, vaccinated and TICA registered as a PET only. Please click on the kittens tab/contact us for details about reservation.

Tiffany and her kittens. Litter B, DOB: 11.02.18

Tiffany and her kittens. Litter B, DOB: 11.02.18


BRI ny11 (25), Black Golden Shaded

FeLV/FIV: negative 
PKD: negative 
Potentially: Dilution gene
Breed: British Shorthair (BSH)
Color: Black golden shaded (BRI ny 11 25)
Date of Birth: 09/02/2017

Titles: International Cats Fancier’s Association (ICFA), TICA

Breeder: Olga Desenko (Ukraine)
Owner: Svetlana Gaidarova, PreciousBritsSD

Father: Cristian Plush, BRI ny 11 33
Mother: Elisa Vetsky Kalinka, BRI ny 25

Tiffany Parents