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Call +1 (858) 922-9399

Expecting Kittens in the mid July of 2019

Dezire was added to our Cattery in 2018.  She is now 16 month old, and fully developed her beautiful  BSH features. She has most loving and affectionate character, with a spark of intelligence and playfulness. Her appearance is stunning, it took much from her very famous champion pedigree parents and grandparents.  Dezire developed gorgeous emerald color eyes and bright and sparked with the fire spots golden faded  plushy coat.  CFA "Best in class" winner of the 09.08.18 Hemet Show, Dezire is expecting to have a first litter of kittens in the mid of July 2019. Hurry up to reserve, it would not last for a long!!!

VlastarLUX DEZIRE of PreciousBritsSD

BRI ny 11 (24), Black Golden Shaded Spotted (Gorgeous Faded "Leopard"  Pattern)

FeLV/FIV: negative 
PKD: negative 
Direct Carier of Dilution gene
Breed: British Shorthair (BSH)
Color: Black golden spotted, BRI ny 11 (24)
Date of Birth: 02/28/2018
Titles: International Cats Fancier’s Association (ICFA), TICA
Breeder: Vlasta Brodskaya, Ukraine
Owner: Svetlana Gaidarova, PRECIOUSBRITSSD

Father, Sire: Grand International Champion, Ferrari beauty Factory of Vlastar Lux, BRI ny 25
Color: Black Golden Ticked  (Chinchilla)
Mother, Dam: I.Ch. Madlen vom Costa Smeralda, BRI ay 11
Color: Blue Golden Shaded 

PARENTS and GrandParents of Desire