Call +1 (858) 922-9399
Call +1 (858) 922-9399

Lady Lola is  truly one of a kind,  She is most adorable Scottish Kilt Queen. The only one among all the Brits.

Major news: Lady Lola is pregnant again!  Expected arrival of kittens: March 2019.
By popular demand, father of the kittens -  PreciousbritsSD Zephyr.

On October 9th 2018 Lola gave a birth to a litter of 5 kittens. The proud father was Zephyr of PreciousbrirsSD.
We were concerned about the Scottish Kilt genetics and that is why determined that this combination will be the best for future litters of kittens.
There were:  2 Short Hair Standard Munchkins, female and male, 1 Short Hair Folded Scottish female, and 2 standard British semi-long Hair male kittens that were so beautiful.  All were a lynx point / blue eyes, just like  you can see on a picture of Royal Canin Mother and Baby dry food packages. They all got reserved in a few weeks after the birth...
Now we know how this genetic combination will work. 
Resent update: New litter was born on March 13th 2019! 4 beautiful kittens look very similar to the previous litter, All are just adorable, will be soon opening their huge sky blue eyes. Amazing, is not it? 
Kittens will be available to join a new loving homes by the end of May/Beginning of June 2019. . If you are interested in reserving these kittens (some - folded, some- Kilts, and some - Brits), please contact us by sending a personal message to (858) 922-9399. Hurry up, it would not last for a long...