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Call +1 (858) 922-9399

Lady Lola is  truly one of a kind,  She is most adorable Scottish Kilt Queen. The only one among all the Brits.

Few days ago Lola gave a birth to a litter of 5 kittens. The proud father is...Zephyr of PreciousbrirsSD.
We were concerned about the Scottish Kilt genetics and that is why determined that this combination will be the best for future litters of kittens.
And here we go... The litter of 5 adorable kittens, all sound and healthy is here!
Lady Lola is Scottish Kilt  in very rare and attractive lynx point  color coat. She has very clear, sky blue eyes.As Zephyr is also Golden Shaded Point with blue eyes, all the kittens expected to develop pointed (may differ from each other by shadow),their will open their eyes in a few days, and the color will be... just BLUE!!! Amazing, is not it? The way genetics works. 
Kittens will be available to join a new loving homes around Christmas. If you are interested in reserving these kittens (some - Munchkins, some -Kilts, and some - Brits), please contact us by sending a personal message.